Vessel Vape & Pipes

Vessel is dedicated to producing some of the highest-quality Vape Pen Batteries in the world. The Expedition is durable, and the Craftsman boats a beautiful timber finish. At the same time, the Compass takes the #1 spot on our list of Best 510 Thread Batteries. The Vessel Brand vape & pipe range is packed full of luxurious and well-performing gear.


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The Vessel Brand collection offers premium 510 batteries and pipes to enhance your herbal experience. Their products are meticulously crafted from quality materials with innovative technology, ensuring a superior experience.

510 Thread Batteries

The Vessel 510 battery range is a perfect blend of style and performance. It offers a unique combination of aesthetics and top-notch performance. The Vessel Compass battery is our best button-activated option and boasts an innovative design. It provides smooth and consistent hits, making it popular among users. The Vessel Craftsman is known for its unique design that takes the traditional pen-style 510 battery to a new level. It is crafted with a timber finish in Walnut or Blackwood, giving it a classy look. The Core is a more traditional pen battery with a beautiful broad golden crown that can accommodate even the widest cartridges.

Each battery in the Vessel 510 series is designed to enhance your vaping experience with features that offer both style and substance, delivering unbeatable power, reliability, and performance.

Pipes & One Hitters

In addition to their impressive battery collection, Vessel offers a variety of pipes that are as stylish as they are functional. The Vessel helix range features exquisite designs that utilise a spiral-shaped air pathway to cool your smoke and make your experience pleasant and comfortable. The Helix Pipe is a beautiful take on the classic tobacco pipe, while the Helix Cone and One-Hitter offer a unique and modern twist.


Vessel Brand

With Vessel Brand, you can trust that you are getting top-quality batteries and pipes that are built to last. And here at Smoke Emporium, our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Explore our Vessel collection today and experience the difference.