CCELL® Vape Cartridges and Batteries

CCELL® is a globally trusted brand that has revolutionised the entire cartridge vape industry. Enjoy the promise of pure flavour and strong potency.


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Unmatched Reliability and Consistency

Unmatched reliability is at the heart of the CCELL Battery Collection's appeal. These 510 thread batteries are designed for consistent performance, providing a stable and continuous power supply that ensures your sessions are uninterrupted and satisfying. 

Pen-Style Batteries

Enjoy vaping the way you want with CCELL Pen-style batteries, also known as stick batteries. The M3 is perfect for those looking for an optimal experience out of the box, where no effort is required - attach your cartridge and inhale! Try the M3b or M3 Plus, which feature variable temperature settings for a more customisable approach. Switch between smoother vapour on low and richer flavour on high at the click of a button.

Sensory Overload

Enjoy an interactive experience through haptic feedback with CCELL's Rizo 510 battery. It gently vibrates to signal device statuses and engages the sense of touch, making vaping more intuitive and immersive. The advanced functionality and sleek design create a beautiful sensory experience that adds another fantastic dimension.

Advanced Heating Technology

CCELL batteries are equipped with cutting-edge heating technology, which allows for efficient and even heating of your vaping material. This technology ensures that each draw is smooth and flavourful, maximising the efficiency of your vaping material. The precise heating also aids in producing high-quality vapour, making it a preferred choice for those prioritising taste and potency.

Custom Airflow

Fine-tune your vapour with features like airflow adjustability on the Palm Pro. Enjoy control over the amount of vapour produced, but also enhance the flavour and smoothness of each draw. This level of personalisation is significant for those who seek a tailored experience, whether they prefer a lighter, more subtle vapour or a denser, more robust output. 

Sleek and Portable Design

CCELL's 510 batteries are known for their sleek, elegant designs. Not only do they look great, but they are also highly portable. Their compact size makes them easy to carry, fitting comfortably in pockets, purses, or backpacks.

Cool Textures & Bright Colours

For a unique look, try the CCELL Sandwave, characterised by its smooth, sand-wave textured finish. This adds a tactile element to the device and enhances grip, making it comfortable and secure to hold during use. For something a little more portable, try the Go Stik with it's beautiful ombre colour profiles. 

510 Cartridges

CCELL cartridges are a step forward in vaping technology, designed to provide a better experience. These cartridges are highly regarded for their high-quality construction, which includes a durable ceramic heating element that efficiently and evenly heats oils. This results in consistent and pure vapour production from the first draw to the last. CCELL cartridges ensures that your concentrate material is used optimally without any wastage.

Cart Differences

The TH2 is a top-fill cartridge and features a screw-on mouthpiece and a glass tank. The Zico fills from the bottom, has a polycarbonate tank and requires a press to snap the base on to seal the cartridge forever.

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