Oil Vapes

Oil vaporizers are fast becoming the most popular way to consume concentrates. It's so convenient and loved by many. That's why we have a carefully curated oil vape collection. Here, you'll find a selection of oil vaporizer batteries and oil vape cartridges. Whether you're new to the space, a long-time lover or searching for wholesale we guarantee you'll find what you're looking for at Smoke Emporium. Explore our cartridge and battery guides to find your perfect partner. 


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CCELL M3 Battery
Sale price$19.95 As low as $12.97
Sale price$9.95 As low as $7.46
Nectar STC Vape Cartridge
Sale price$8.95 As low as $6.27
CCELL Zico bottom fill vape cartridge
Sale price$8.95 As low as $6.71
Nectar SP 510 batteries
Sale price$17.95 As low as $11.67
CCELL Silo Battery
Sale price$39.95
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PCKT SPRK cartridges
Sale price$14.95
Vessel Compass 510 Battery
Sale price$119.95
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Linx hermes 3 oil cartridge
Sale price$21.95
CCELL Palm Pro Battery
Sale price$54.95
Vessel Core Battery
Sale price$79.95
CCELL Rizo Battery
Sale price$54.95
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SEM V-Mod Battery
Sale price$34.95
CCELL M3 Plus Range of batteries
Sale price$23.95 As low as $16.22
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CCELL Palm Battery
Sale price$39.95
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Hamilton Shiv Battery
Sale price$98.95
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PCKT Two 510 Battery Onyx
Sale price$129.95
Vessel Vista Edge Vape Battery
Sale price$99.95
Sale price$79.95
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Vessel Craftsman Battery
Sale price$149.95
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Yocan Uni Pro Black
Sale price$44.95
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Linx Hypnos Battery
Sale price$59.95
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Vessel Expedition 510 cartridge battery
Sale price$149.95

Oil Vaporizers

Oil vaporizers have quickly become the most popular way to enjoy your concentrates. Medicinal patients have also turned to these devices for their THC and CBD medicine use. Here at Smoke Emporium, we understand how important it is to use high-quality oil vaporizers with your material. That's why we only stock the best, safest and cleanest brands in the industry.

Understanding Oil Vaporizers

When it comes to oil vapes, you'll find two key players: the battery and the cartridge. Now, don't be confused by the various terms that are used interchangeably for these components. It's actually pretty straightforward!

Cartridge terms

  • Oil cart
  • Oil cartridge
  • vape pen cartridge
  • 510 cartridge
  • dab cart

Battery terms

  • Vape pen battery
  • 510 battery
  • Cartridge pen
  • Cart pen

Battery & Cartridge together

  • Vape pen
  • Oil vape
  • Oil vaporizers
  • Vape pens
  • Dabs Pen

Oil Vaporizer - Batteries

The battery component of an oil vaporizer is akin to the heartbeat of the device, a pivotal element that brings the entire vaping experience to life. Compact yet mighty, these batteries are the source of power that breathes life into the vaporizer. They function by delivering controlled bursts of energy to the heating element in the cartridge, ensuring that the oil is heated to the perfect temperature for vaporisation. This precise control is crucial, as it determines the quality of vapour produced, its flavour, and temperature, making each inhale a perfectly tailored experience. With technological advancements, batteries like the CCELL Palm Pro battery now come with features like airflow control and units like the Vessel Compass offer four powerful temperature modes, allowing users to customise their vaping experience down to the last detail. 

Oil Vaporizer - Cartridges

On the other side of this dynamic duo is the cartridge component, the chamber where the alchemy takes place. This is where the chosen oil resides, waiting to be transformed into a flavourful vapour. The cartridge typically consists of a tank to hold the oil, an atomiser that serves as the heating element, and a mouthpiece from which the user inhales the vapour. The atomiser like the one featured in the CCELL Th2 is the star player, turning oils into inhalable mist with precision. It's in this tiny crucible that the flavours and essences of the oil are released, creating the nuanced tastes and aromas. The cartridge's design also plays a vital role in the vaping experience – from the way it preserves the oil's integrity to how it delivers a consistent flow to the atomiser. In summary, the oil cartridge is the stage where the raw potential of the oils is realised, culminating in the rich, aromatic clouds that define vaping.

Vape Pen Kits

Whilst you can mix and match any of our cartridges and batteries together, we also sell the perfect oil vaporizer starter kits. Whether you are just starting or an experienced user looking for something new, our Linx Hermes Oil Vape Pen kit is an excellent choice due to its combination of elegance and simplicity in use. Just grab your favourite oil, and you're ready to go!

We're Here For You!

Need a hand choosing the right hardware? We have the perfect oil vaporizers here waiting for you - so don't hesitate to reach out. We're more than happy to assist you in any way we can. Satisfaction and discretion guaranteed!