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Weecke Rush Dry Herb Vape
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Auxo Calent Dry Herb Vaporizer
Sale price$149.95
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XMAX Starry V4 Vaporizer
Sale price$129.95
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XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer
Sale price$149.95
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Linx Eden Vaporizer
Sale price$189.95
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XMAX V3 Nano Vaporizer
Sale price$79.95
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Linx Gaia vaporizer
Sale price$264.95

Dry Herb Vaporizers Australia: A Fresh Way to Enjoy Herbs

Dry herb vaporizers provide a pure and natural way to enjoy dry herbs. These devices directly vaporise the dry plant material instead of using extracts or concentrates. At Smoke Emporium, we have carefully evaluated many herbal vaporizers to present only the best options available. Our dry herb vape collection allows you to experience exceptional herbal flavours without the smoke.

What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Using traditional methods to smoke herbs can lead to the degradation of the plant and produce harsh smoke. However, the dry herb vaporizer does not burn the herbs as it uses hot air to extract the beneficial compounds in vapour form. The XMAX Starry v4 uses conduction while the V3 Pro dry herb vaporizer uses convection to gently extract the beneficial compounds. You can load them with your choice of loose-leaf herbs, offering a smoke-free experience with total control over the temperature.

The Convenience of Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are perfect for those who are always on the move. These devices are compact, efficient, and highly convenient for use in any setting, whether socialising with friends or exploring the great outdoors. With a diverse range of features and price points available in the market, there are options to suit various preferences and budgets. From basic models like the Weecke Rush to more advanced options like the Auxo Calent, there's something for everyone looking for a portable dry herb vaporizer that matches their specific needs.

Desktop vs. Portable: A Comparison

Desktop vaporizers with long mouthpieces and consistent power from an outlet are ideal for use at home. On the other hand, portable dry herb vaporizers are great for on-the-go use despite relying on rechargeable batteries.

Understanding Session and On-Demand Vaporizers

Session vaporizers are simple: load the herbs, set the temperature, and vape until the herbs are depleted. On-demand vaporizers, however, offer the flexibility to vape as needed, preserving herbs and providing convenience. Take just a hit or two, and don't worry about wasting the rest of your bowl. It will be waiting for you patiently. :)

Vaporizer Types: Conduction vs. Convection

Conduction vaporizers heat herbs directly, much like a kettle, ensuring even extraction. Convection dry herb vaporizers, in contrast, use hot air to more gently extract flavours and compounds from the herbs.

Top Recommendations for Dry Herb Vaporizers

Our best dry herb vaporizer guide showcases customer preferences, making finding a fit for every budget and style effortless. We recommend simple options for beginners to simplify the vaping process.


How does a dry herb vaporizer work?

Dry herb vape pens work by heating herbs to the right temperature for vaporization without burning. They offer a cleaner and more potent experience compared to smoking. Popular brands include Linx, Xmax, and Auxo. Our selection caters to a range of preferences, and we're always here to assist with any queries.

In conclusion, dry herb vaporizers are a discreet and efficient way to enjoy herbs. They are less intrusive compared to traditional methods, offering a purer and more potent experience.

Are dry herb vapes good?

Dry herb vaporizer pens are designed to heat herbs to an optimal temperature, creating visible vapour without burning the material. This is different from concentrate vaporizers that use an atomiser. Fill the chamber with ground herbs (a medium to medium-fine grind is recommended), set your desired temperature, and enjoy!

Advantages of Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers offer a cleaner and more potent alternative to traditional smoking. They efficiently vaporize herbs without producing harmful smoke, leaving no unpleasant odours on your clothes or in your room. While we might be biased, vaporizing is a superior method for herb consumption. 

What goes in a dry herb vaporizer?

These vaporizers are ideal for various herbal blends, known as strains, each offering a unique mix of terpenes that affect taste, aroma, and overall experience.

Are dry herb vapes worth it?

Dry herb vaporizers are a discreet and better alternative to smoking. They are less intrusive, produce minimal smoke, and are user-friendly. A quality vaporizer eliminates concerns about fire hazards or smoke alarms.

Do dry herb vapes work as well as smoking?

Vaporizers are as effective, if not more so, than smoking. They efficiently extract active compounds without destroying them, providing a fuller and more potent experience.

What are the benefits of Vaporizing Dry Herbs Over Smoking

Vaporizing dry herbs is a better option, being gentler on the lungs and avoiding the release of harmful byproducts associated with combustion. Dry herb vaporizers are also more convenient and discreet, allowing for almost unrestricted use in various settings without disturbing others.