What Is A Vaporizer?


Traditionally, people used either a joint or a bong to consume their ‘dry herbs.’ But now, we have far better technology to get a buzz on.

A dry herb vaporizer or ‘herb vape’ is not the same as the ‘E-liquid vape’ that most people are accustomed too. A dry herb vaporizer is designed to heat up raw flower buds until they release their active compounds in the form of vapour and make you feel ‘happy’. Whereas E-liquid vapes are used with a special nicotine-containing liquid which acts as a substitute for smoking cigarettes.

Unlike traditional methods of smoking, dry herb vaporizers don’t rely on combustion to extract the effects of your plant material. Joints and bongs require you to burn your herbs, which exposes you to the harmful carcinogens found in smoke. But, with a herb vape, you’re only heating your herbs enough for the desired compounds to boil and turn into vapour. This is generally somewhere between 150°C and 200°C.


  • Odourless (almost). This means you can comfortably blaze in the house, in bed or in public without bothering anyone
  • Convenient. You can use your vape almost instantly. As long as it’s loaded, you can whip it out, press the on button and go for it.
  • Social. It’s like a joint, but without all the prep work.
  • Smooth. The vapour is a lot cooler and therefore easier on the throat and lungs.


Now that you know little about dry herb vaporizers, it should be easier to see they’re a better choice for enjoying the full benefits of your herbs. Here at the Smoke Emporium, we offer a curated collection of industry-leading vaporizers that we use and love. And every vaporizer is backed by a manufacturer warranty so you never have to worry.

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