What is a 510 Vape & Why You Need to Know


  • What is a 510 Vape?
  • 510 Vape Cartridge
  • 510 Thread Battery
  • Battery Power
  • What is a Vape Pen?
  • How Does it Work? 
  • Are 510 Vapes Created Equal?
  • Benefits
  • Conclusion

What is a 510 Vape?

510 vapes are generally used for consuming botanical concentrates like oils, distillate or resin. The vapes consist of two components, the cartridge and the battery, and connect via a screw thread. 510 is the technical term for the connecting thread style. If you want to get precise, ten connecting threads space five millimetres apart, which is why it's called a '510' cartridge or battery.

510 Vape Cartridge

The cartridge is the component that stores your concentrate. It's also the part with the atomiser, which turns your oil into vapour. 510 cartridges will work with all 510 batteries regardless of the brand, thanks to this universal thread type.

510 Thread Battery

The battery is the part that powers the atomiser inside the cartridge. There are all sorts of differences between 510 threaded batteries, and they can significantly impact your vaping experience. Some batteries are simple, with a single optimised setting that activates when you inhale. Others have multiple power options that require the push of a button while you take a draw. One isn't better than the other; it's just about preference.

Battery Power

Different batteries offer different levels of power, indicated by voltage. Optimised Auto-Draw batteries generally offer power at around the 3.5v mark. In comparison, Button-Activated batteries tend to provide multiple settings that range from 2.5v to 4.5v.

The power affects the way your material is vapourised. Lower settings often provide a smoother and more flavourful hit. In contrast, the higher voltage tends to produce bigger hits but may be less smooth. 

What is a Vape Pen

'Vape Pen' is a term used interchangeably. Sometimes it refers to all 510 vape hardware. And sometimes, it refers specifically to pen-shaped batteries like the Nectar SP. It may seem unclear initially, but you will quickly understand with context. 

How Does it Work?

When the Vape Pen is activated, the battery delivers power to the atomiser inside the cartridge, which heats your concentrate until it becomes vapour. From here, you inhale and enjoy the effects.

Are 510 Vapes Created Equal?

While all 510 hardware can get the job done, quality cartridges and batteries will make all the difference. Cartridges made by brands like CCELL and Nectar contain improved technology from extensive research and development. And these brands also adhere to rigorous manufacturing standards, unlike the makers of cheap knock-offs. Make sure you choose quality carts to avoid heavy metals leeching into your oils. 


Just press a button and instantly feel the effects of your botanicals. There's no grinding, rolling or packing, not even the flick of a lighter. You don't even have to press a button if your battery is inhale-activated. Can it get any more convenient?

510 vapes are tiny, lightweight, and easy to take wherever you go. You'll hardly notice them in your purse, backpack or pocket. Vape pens also have an incredibly mild smell. Use them inside, in bed or even in public without any issues. Curious people will think it's just a juice vape.

Distillates, oils and resins are created by extracting all the good parts from large amounts of botanicals and condensing them into mere grams. The results are potent and convenient when put inside a 510 vape cartridge. 


510 vapes are a superior technology for consuming concentrates. All brands can be used interchangeably with each other. But choosing the correct hardware can make all the difference between a fantastic and unpleasant session. Our collection comprises the industry's best, safest and most reliable 510 hardware.

Shop with confidence and get in contact with us if you have any questions.