How To Make Vape Cartridges With Terpenes


  • What you'll need
  • Terpenes
  • Vape Cartridges
  • Calculating Mix
  • Get Started



Terpenes are generally considered the most natural option when it comes to liquidising your rosin and converting it into an oil that your cartridge can vaporise. This is because terpenes are derived entirely from plants and are done so purely through distillation.  

You can use a flavourless terpene blend so the natural flavour of your rosin is not distorted, or you can also use a combination of terpenes that instil the flavours of a famous strain like Super Lemon Haze. The choice is up to you.


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If starting with a concentrate like oil, you will need very little terpenes. But If your material is more like budder or shatter, you will likely need to use more terpenes.

If you're not looking to add any flavours, you'll want to only use the flavourless diluent terpenes. And if you're looking to add some flavour, you'll use a combination of the flavourless diluent with your choice of flavoured terpenes.


  • Warm up your concentrate to about 85°C in a small dish or ramekin, to make the mixing process easier.
  • You can do this by placing your ramekin in a shallow bowl of boiled water.
  • It will be ready once the concentrate has been liquified with no visible chunks.


  • Use a syringe to add in your flavourless diluent to reduce viscosity.  
  • Start with 5-10% diluent if you're starting with concentrate oil. 
  • Start with 10-20% diluent if you're starting with budder or shatter.


  • Use a syringe to add in your strain/flavour specific terpenes. 
  • Start with 5-10%.  


  • Mix your blend well so it becomes a uniform liquid with no patches of discolouration.
  • Your mix should be a flowable liquid.
  • If your mix is still too thick, you will need to add more terpenes.
  • From here, you can add more flavourless diluent in small increments. Keep adding and mixing until your mix has become a flowable liquid.


  • Starting with 10 grams or millilitres of concentrate oil 
  • We'll heat it and add 0.5ml of flavourless diluent. This is 5% of the starting material. 
  • From here we'll add 0.5ml of OG Kush strain terpenes.
  • After mixing we realise its not flowing well yet. So we'll add 0.5ml more diluent and 0.5ml more OG Kush terpenes. 
  • Again, It's still not flowing well enough, so we'll add 0.5ml more diluent.
  • This gives us a total mix of 12.5ml with a content of 2.5ml or 20% terpenes. 


  • The more terpenes you add, the less potent your mix will become.
  • CCELL Cartridges are exceptional at vaporising thick oils. 
  • Terpene flavours can be overpowering so its always best to use more diluent and less flavour.
  • A general mixing ratio when starting with oil is 10-20% terpenes, whereas shatter can be up to around 50%. 
  •  Often you don't want more than 10% of your mix to be flavoured terpenes. Use flavourless terpenes for the rest.


  • Use a clean syringe to draw up your mix.
  • Inject the appropriate amount into your cartridges using the marked increments on the side of the syringe.
  • Cap your cartridges by attaching the mouthpiece. 
  • Place cartridges upside down for 1 hour to rest.


  • Clean any spilled oil residue off your carts with an alcohol wipe.  
  • Do the same with any dishes and tools you used in the mixing process.


  • Now is the time to take your batch for a test ride. Enjoy!!