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What is a dry herb vaporizer?


  • Introduction
  • Herb Vaporizer vs Atomizer
  • Herb Vaporizer vs Traditional Methods
  • Different Types of Herb Vapes
  • Conclusion


If you're interested in smoking dry herbs like many Australians are, you have several different tools at your disposal. For the vast majority of Aussie's, they are either using a water pipe or rolling their herbs up with rolling paper. However, this is vastly different from many parts of the world, especially where the herbal industries have progressed a lot further. For example, in North America, the standard method of consumption is through a dry herb vaporizer. This is no accident, as with any industry, new efficient technologies arise and the old ones fade away.


Firstly, let's get something out of the way, dry herb vaporizers are not the same as atomizers. An atomizer contains a heating element much like a Dry Herb Vape. But instead, it creates vapour from something known as e-liquid. Most of these e-liquids contain some amount of nicotine so they can help people quit cigarettes.

To use a dry herb vaporizer or 'Herb Vape' you instead, grind up dry herbs using a grinder and then place them directly into the chamber or oven of the device. Here, your dry herbs are heated to a specific temperature, to activate it's desired compounds. 

herb vaporizer vs traditional methods

Unlike traditional methods of smoking, herb vapes don't rely on combustion to extract the effects of your plant material. When you burn your herbs, you're exposing yourself to the harmful carcinogens found in smoke. But with a vaporizer, you're heating your herbs just enough so that the active compounds boil and turn into vapour. Combustion happens typically at a temperature of around 230ºC so dry herb vaporizers usually don't get hotter than 215ºC.

Perhaps the most favourable difference is the added convenience when using a herbal vape. As long as your device has charge, you just need to put the herb in the oven, press a couple of buttons and in a matter of seconds, you can enjoy just about anywhere. It's also important to note that the smell from a vaporizer is incredibly mild compared to traditional methods. Many people refer to the smell of exhaled vapour as a mild burnt popcorn. This also makes it incredibly useful for using inside and in bed just before resting. 

different types of herb vaporizers

The two main types of dry herb vaporizers are 'portable' and 'desktop'. The portable vaporizers are small in size and can be taken anywhere, which is excellent for vaping in the outdoors and on-the-go. They're also discreet and tend to be a little cheaper than the stationary 'desktop' vaporizers. The portables of today have excellent battery life, which means you'll get many sessions out of your device before needing to recharge it. As for the desktops, they never run out of power as they have the benefit of a plug-in power source. They're more substantial in size and are incredibly efficient and reliable, which makes them great for huge draws and long group sessions. 


Now that you know little about dry herb vaporizers, it should be easier to see that vaporizing is a better choice for enjoying the full benefits of your herbs. We specialise in dry herb vaporizers here at SmokeEmporium, and we offer a wide range of devices and accessories. We can help you choose a vape that's right for you. Either explore our Buyer's Guide or Contact Us for some more help.